TV Media Connection System

To make it easier to install your flat screen TV or home theater system after move-in, McKee Homes installs a TV media connection system where a large screen TV and media system will be mounted. The TV media connection system is designed to accommodate both power and low-voltage devices so you can manage all your connections easily in one location with cables and wires hidden from view.

Whether you mount your flat screen TV on the wall or set up a home theater system, the TV media connection system keeps cords and cables out of the way and makes the project easier insuring a professional look. Because the connection system box is recessed into the wall, your TV or furniture can go flush against the wall if necessary. Most connection boxes come with a flat cover plate in case the TV is moved to a different location. The trim and cover plates on the wall box can also be painted to match the wall color if desired.

Home buyers that purchase their home before it is built, or before drywall installation, can choose the location where the TV media connection system will be installed in their new home. Homeowners with older homes can of course install a TV media connection system themselves or hire an electrician to install one for them. Either way, the TV media connection system makes a home theater or wall mount TV easier to install and more professional looking.

There are different sizes and types of wall boxes available to create a TV media connection system. Most of them come with knockouts for 2-gang and 4-gang electrical boxes for maximum versatility. This allows space for 2-4 electrical outlets as well as HDMI, coaxial cable and sound cable connections. Having all these connections is one recessed wall box is perfect for connecting speakers, satellite TV, surround sound, and other media or data connections.

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For more information about McKee Homes TV media connection system and other SMART Move home systems installed in all our new homes, please visit our SMART Move web page or call us at 910-672-7296.

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