Benefits of a Shower with Separate Bathtub

The owner’s bath is a major selling point for a home. After all, the owner’s bath is a room that is likely to be used every day. It’s used in the morning to get ready for work, to clean up after a trip to the gym, to have a relaxing soak after a hard day, and so much more. Because this room is used so often, new home buyers want to make sure the owner’s bath suits their unique lifestyle and needs.

New homeowners have varying preferences when it comes to priorities for owner’s bath. Some like an invigorating shower complete with multiple shower heads, a bench, and room to move. Others want a large tub that can be filled with hot water and bubbles and allow for reclining to soak away stress.

In some owner’s suites, showers and tubs are combined into one unit. In these units, one takes a shower while standing in the bathtub. This is quite functional but certainly doesn’t convey a feeling of luxury. McKee Homes offers luxurious owner’s bath suites that include a shower with a separate bathtub, or simply just a shower. So what is the right choice?

Benefits of a Single Shower

Having a separate tub and shower in the owner’s bath of a new home might not suit some lifestyles. Not everyone wants or needs a bathtub in the owner’s suite. To suit these lifestyles McKee Homes offers floorplans that do not include a tub in the owner’s suite, which allows for more space and eliminates the need to clean a tub.

New home buyers with limited mobility may prefer a step-in shower, which is easier to access. A tub has high sides which will require a user to lift and bend the knee, but a step-in shower has a low lip that requires only a small amount of movement. Additionally, some McKee floor plans allow new home buyers to upgrade the shower to include bench seating – an upgrade that is not possible in a shower tub combo.

Benefits of a Separate Bathtub

With a shower having so many attractive qualities it’s easy to forget about the tub. However, a tub is perfect for new home buyers who enjoying a relaxing soak, and is great for large or growing

Bath Tub with Picture window

Bath Tub with Picture window, allowing for ample natural light.

families. Little ones can enjoy playing in a larger than average tub, and fur babies can also enjoy a bath.

Additionally, when a tub and shower are combined, a shower curtain or glass door must be installed. Shower curtains collect moisture and can mildew, making it more difficult to keep a tub clean. If the shower is separate, this is not an issue.

When you slide into the tub after a hard day’s work, you’ll know the tub is as clean as possible. Many McKee Homes floor plans also include a picture window above the tub, which allows for ample natural light during the day and star gazing from the comfort of your bath in the evening.

For more information about McKee Homes floorplans and owner’s bath options and upgrades, please view our downloadable floorplan PDF files or give us a call at 910-672-7296.

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  1. You made a point that buyers rely on the master bathroom matching their unique lifestyle because it is the room that offers relaxation. My brother has been planing on renovating his bathroom. I will strongly recommend him installing a bathtub separated from the shower.

  2. I liked that you explained that having a separate bathtub from the shower will allow more room to bathe your children. I have struggled with bathing my children all at once because my bathtub is rather small. I will consider having a new bathtub installed to resolve this issue.

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