PROPANE or NATURAL GAS: Which is best for your new home?

When dreaming about spending summer evenings around the fire pit on the patio or snuggling in front of the fireplace in your new home, should you plan on using PROPANE or NATURAL GAS?

First off, did you know you had a choice? Well, for the most part you do! We’ll explain further …

To help you make an informed decision for your family and future home, we’re breaking down the PROS and CONS of PROPANE and NATURAL GAS.

  • Both can be stored as a liquid
  • Both produce carbon monoxide
  • Both are domestically-produced fossil fuels
  • Both are considered cheaper than electricity
  • Both are considered low emission fuels

But, the more important question is: what are the differences?



  • MORE CONVENIENT: Widely distributed, so it’s most always available.
    *Ensure there is ease of access to small tanks & availability in your area.
  • MORE EFFICIENT: Since propane produces more than twice the energy of natural gas in any given time, it’s much more efficient.
  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Propane is considered to be better for the environment as it does not contain any greenhouse gas, is low carbon, and emits virtually no air pollutants (


    • Some applications require propane to be delivered and injected by the distributor.
    • The level of propane in the home must be monitored to ensure that the tank isn’t close to empty.
    • Conversion to a natural gas source could be inconvenient, as it requires removal of existing propane tank and digging a trench to make way for the gas pipeline to reach your home.
    • Up-front costs for any propane injected into a tank, regardless of whether the propane is used.
    • Conversion to natural gas is very costly, if you ever decide to switch gas sources.
    • Appliances set up for use with natural gas cannot be used with propane. Purchase of a conversion kit or new appliances suitable for propane would be required.
    • It’s important to note, neither propane or natural gas is completely “safe,” as both produce carbon monoxide.
    • Propane is heavier than air, so it does not dissolve into air as quickly or exit enclosed spaces as easily as natural gas.



  • MOST CONVENIENT IF: There is a natural gas pipeline to your home.
    *Some neighborhoods or municipalities don’t have pipeline access, which means natural gas isn’t an option.
  • CHEAPER: Homeowners only pay for the amount of natural gas they use in any given month. Natural gas rates tend to be low.
  • SLIGHTLY SAFER: Although both gases emit carbon monoxide, Natural gas is lighter than air so it will rise and exit enclosed spaces more easily.


  • LESS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: While natural gas dissolves into air quickly, it does contain high amounts of the greenhouse gas methane
  • LESS EFFICIENT: It takes more natural gas to generate the same energy output as propane.
  • NOT AN OPTION: If your neighborhood does not have pipeline access.


So, what’s the better source for your home?

Only you can decide! There are certainly advantages to both forms of gas, but hopefully we’ve given you enough information to make an informed choice as to which type of fuel is best for your home.


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16 thoughts on “PROPANE or NATURAL GAS: Which is best for your new home?

  1. You mentioned that propane produces more that twice the energy of natural gas, it is much more efficient. We are looking to purchase a home with propane, and we want to make sure that we don’t ever run out. Is there an automatic delivery service that we could be on to make sure that doesn’t happen?

  2. That is good that natural gas is more effective if there is a pipeline near your home. My wife and I have had problems with electric stoves in the past and want to switch. We’ll have to get a natural gas line hooked up so that we can start cooking soon.

  3. I’m glad you talked about how propane produces twice the energy of natural gas. This summer I want to add a new propane grill and I’m thinking about switching other things to propane to save money on energy bills. I’ll be sure to do some research about the best propane that I can get in bulk.

  4. I like how you said that gas lines are cheaper because you only pay for how much you use. I would love to save money on my monthly bills. I think I’ll try and get a gas line installed in my house this summer.

  5. The part where you mentioned that compared to natural gas, propane is the better option when it comes to the effects it can bring to the environment really convinced me. We’re looking for other alternatives in our house since our electric bills are increasing because of our long cooking hours. We’ll contact a nearby company that can distribute propane to us whenever needed.

  6. Thanks for helping me understand the difference between propane and natural gas. I’ve been using natural gas in my whole life, and I had no idea that propane gas is a thing. What you said about how propane produces more than twice the energy of natural gas was interesting to me. This means that if I avail of propane, I’ll be using something environmentally friendly and efficient. I’m sold!

  7. It’s awesome that this article talked about how propane yields twice the energy compared to natural gas. My wife and I are considering switching to using propane gas for our home. Thank you for mentioning the efficiency of propane and how it doesn’t contain greenhouse gases.

  8. My brother recently moved out into the country, away from the city, so he could raise some animals. We didn’t realize if you’re away from pipelines, gas is not an option. We’ll have to look into propane.

  9. I didn’t know that propane provides twice the amount of energy when compared to natural gas and is, therefore, a more efficient option. My sister just moved into a home and has been debating on her different utility options so that she can be more efficient. I will be sure to recommend she go with propane and look for a good propane delivery service so that she can ensure more energy from her fuel source.

  10. My uncle is thinking about getting a secondary type of power for his home so that if there is ever a blackout he can have his own power. It could be really nice for him to get some delivered to hos home so that he doesn’t have to drive it, and get it safely delivered. I liked what you said about how propane is more widely distributed and releases twice the amount of energy that natural gas does.

  11. I liked that you mentioned propane gas is more efficient since produces more energy than natural gas. My mother is thinking about switching to propane gas, and we are looking for advice. I will let her know about the benefits of propane gas to help her decide.

  12. I’m glad you mentioned that propane will be more efficient. I would want to get the most out of the fule that I buy, so that sounds good. If I decide to build a new house when my family moves, I’ll make sure that I go with propane for the gas.

  13. My uncle is thinking about getting some propane gas so that he can be more self-sufficient and allow him to have an alternative source of power. It could be really nice for him to get a professional to deliver some propane gas to him. It was interesting to learn about how propane can produce twice the amount of energy than gas so it is more efficient and better for the environment that doesn’t contain harmful gases and air pollutants.

  14. My parents are building a new home nearby and they are trying to decide on what type of gas to use in their home. I think that the ease of access to propane will be ideal for them so they don’t have to worry about it. It’s great to know that it can work well for outdoor fire pits as well because they want one on their property.

  15. I never knew that propane actually delivers more energy to my home than natural gas. If I were to choose, I think I’ll hire a good service to bring some of this to my home so I can begin using it on my appliances. It seems like this efficient gas will save me money in the long run, so I might pick this choice.

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