Programmable WiFi Thermostats Save Time and Money

McKee Homes installs Honeywell programmable WiFi thermostats in all our new homes. Programming your thermostat to fit your schedule can save time, money and resources. WiFi accessible thermostats can be controlled via computer and mobile devices from any location with internet service.


  • Intuitive programming for easier setup
  • Remote comfort control via computer, tablet or Smartphone
  • Universal application across more system types
  • Equipment check/change reminders
  • Programmable for annual energy savings

One of the main advantages of a programmable thermostat is that you can set your heater and air conditioner to run less when you are not at home or at night while you sleep. That not only saves resources, but also saves money. In addition, some energy suppliers offer incentives for time-shifting energy consumption such as using less energy during the day. You can save additional money by setting your thermostat to conform to your energy supplier’s incentive plan.

In addition to day-to-day settings, programmable thermostats allow you to program vacation settings to lower your energy consumption while you are away from home for an extended period.

With WiFi access you can check and set the temperature in your home remotely. You can also edit the programmed settings and even check the proper operation of your climate control system.

Another advantage of programmable WiFi thermostats is the ability to set up alerts via beeps, texts or emails to let you know when it’s time to change the filters or schedule a maintenance check of your system.

Most of the disadvantages of programmable WiFi thermostats such as higher cost, improper installation and complex setup are not a problem with a new McKee home since the WiFi thermostat comes with the home, is professionally installed and simple programming instructions are given to the homebuyer.

However it is important to insure the settings you program are actually going to use less energy and save money. If someone is home most of the time and constantly overrides the programmed settings, the cost savings can be nullified.

Overall it makes sense to take advantage of connected technology to simplify your life and give you maximum control of your home’s environment as well as the convenience of notifications and alerts. McKee Homes gives you a head start by including the advantages, convenience and added comfort of a programmable WiFi thermostat in your new home.

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