McKee Homes Floor Plan Collections

McKee Homes offers over 20 unique floor plans with up to six different front elevations per floor plan. There are seven unique elevations grouped together in collections referred to as floor plan collections.

Trying to find and pick out the perfect floor plan for their new home can be confusing, or even overwhelming, for home buyers. This article breaks down the floor plans, elevations and collections in a simple easy to follow way that will make it easier to understand how to find the perfect floor plan on the McKee Homes website or while talking to one of our online or onsite sales consultants.

Floor Plans are grouped into three categories

  • Single Family Home (SFH)
  • Epcon (SFH or attached)
  • Townhome

Collections refer to the front elevation style of our homes. Each SFH floor plan has up to five different front elevation styles. Our Epcon floor plans have up to three different front elevation styles.

Single Family Home Collections

  • Classic
  • Coastal
  • Craftsman
  • Craftsman KS
  • European

Epcon Collections

  • Classic (single-story)
  • Craftsman (single-story)
  • Bungalow (similar to Craftsman with the addition of second-floor guest suite)

Townhomes do not offer more than one front elevation per floor plan, although there are usually 2-3 unique floor plans offered in each building.

Each McKee Homes neighborhood offers specific floor plans and floor plan collections, although many neighborhoods offer home buyers the option to choose their home from a different floor plan collection if they write a contract before the home is built, which we call a pre-sale home.

To view McKee Homes floor plans, go to our main floor plans web page. Click on any of the floor plans shown to see which floor plan collections, or front elevations, are available for that floor plan.

On the floor plan group page, you will see the default elevation at the top with options such as a side-load or three-bay garage. Just below the top image you will find the Choose Elevation section where you will see all elevations available for the floor plan. Click on any of the elevations shown to see the floor plan layout, brief description and a list of neighborhoods where that specific floor plan collection is available. There is also a photo gallery showing both exterior and interior images of how the finished home may look depending on options chosen and neighborhood.

Just under the floor plan description is a Download Floor Plan button that will take you to a page where you can enter your name and email to download high-quality printable floor plan brochures.

You only need to sign up once to access all floor plans and other content on the McKee website. If you go back to the download page and still see the signup form, simply refresh your browser page and the form should disappear leaving only the Download Floorplan button.

If you have questions about any of our floor plans or collections, please call us at 910-672-7296 or fill out any of the simple forms on the floor plan pages and one of our knowledgeable online consultants will be happy to assist you.

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