Improvised Vs Dedicated Home Office

Many people found themselves unexpectedly working from home this year because of COVID-19 and quickly realized they didn’t have an adequate or dedicated home office space. While working at the dining room table, kitchen counter or living room couch may work for the short term, or temporary homeschooling, they are not long-term solutions for business professionals who need to stay productive.

Improvised Home Office

Some pitfalls of working in an improvised and often cramped, disorganized space at home are repetitive strain injuries from a poor computer setup, sore eyes from improper lighting, pain from bad posture and distractions from family members and TV. This can often lead to poor productivity and health as well as added stress in an already stressful time.

Dedicated Home Office

In order to stay healthy, happy and productive while working from home, consider a dedicated home office space with high-speed internet access, proper lighting, a door that can be shut and room for a desk and comfortable, supportive chair. You may need to get creative to carve out a dedicated home office such as using a spare bedroom, bonus room, loft, dining room or converted garage. If you need some inspiration, check out Architectural Digest’s  65 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity or Home Office Ideas from Love & Renovations on Pinterest.

Must Haves

Whatever solution you come up with for working from home, make sure to include as many of the following elements as possible to give yourself a productive, healthy workspace.

  • A dedicated workspace, with door if possible
  • Good desk with adjustable height, supportive chair
  • Adjustable computer monitor and ergonomic mouse and keyboard
  • Good lighting with as much natural light as possible
  • Fast internet service for video meetings and large file upload/download
  • Room for printer and other necessary office equipment
  • Plants, art or other inspiring and calming elements

New Homes with Flex Rooms

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your home just isn’t big enough or doesn’t have enough flex space to accommodate working from home, you may be considering buying a new home, especially since the interest rates are currently below three percent. Some new home floorplans now include flex space that can be used as an office, study, playroom, movie/music room or whatever you need.

McKee Homes Floorplans with Flex Rooms

McKee Homes offers a number of floorplans with flex rooms such as the Nelson, which comes with a flex room on the first floor near the front of the home as well as an option for a finished third floor.

Nelson Floorplan With Flex Room

Nelson Floorplan With Flex Room | 2,333-2,906 sq. ft., 3-4 bed/2.5-3.5 bath

Our Brooks floorplan has a large formal dining room and guest suite on the first floor. Either of these rooms converts nicely to a home office.

Brooks Floorplan with Formal Dining and Guest Suite

Brooks Floorplan with Formal Dining and Guest Suite | 2,948-3740 sq. ft., 4 bed/3 bath

Another perfect floorplan for a dedicated home office is the Winston which has a flex room on the first floor in the front of the home.

Winston Floorlan With Flex Room

Winston Floorlan With Flex Room | 2,225-2,9347 sq. ft., 4 bed/2.5 bath

The Promenade is a single-story floorplan with a flex room/den at the front of the home which makes a great home office. There is also the Bungalow elevation which includes a second-floor guest suite with optional kitchenette and plenty of room for an office.

Promenade Bungalow With Flex Room & Second Floor Guest Suite

Promenade Bungalow With Flex Room & Second Floor Guest Suite | 2,815-2,920 sq. ft., 3 bed/3 bath

Our single-story Palazzo floorplan has a four-seasons room with windows on two walls which is perfect for a home office. There is also a Bungalow elevation of the Palazzo that has a second-floor guest suite which can be used for a large office area and includes an optional kitchenette.

Palazzo Bungalow With Flex Room & Second Floor Guest Suite

Palazzo Bungalow With Flex Room & Second Floor Guest Suite | 2,160-2,291 sq. ft., 3 bed/3 bath

We have many other floorplans with plenty of flex space for home offices and just about everything else.

More Information

For more information about McKee Homes floorplans that offer flex rooms and dedicated home office space, please contact us at 910-672-7296, visit our Contact Us page, or fill out the form below.

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