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  • View and download high-quality printable floorplan brochures.
  • Get creative with our interactive design app where you can play with colors and structural options for any of our floorplans.
  • Take an online tour of our homes on your computer or mobile device with 3D interactive video tours.

If you’re like most of us, you have been spending a lot more time at home lately. You may be realizing working from home requires a dedicated office instead of temporarily clearing off the dining room table. The lack of ample storage may have become a constant irritation and problems with older systems such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical may require maintenance and repair at the most inconvenient time.

With interest rates still historically low, you may be spending some time online looking at new homes and planning for the future to brighten your day. There are fewer than normal pre-owned homes on the market these days, so many home shoppers are looking at new construction.

An advantage of new construction is the ability to choose structural options such as sunroom, third-bay garage or guest suite. You also get to choose plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor coverings, paint colors and a host of other selections to truly personalize your new home.

Once you’ve decided to explore the new home market, you begin the exciting adventure of discovering the perfect floorplan for your new home. Having access to a variety of easy-to-navigate online content makes the process easy, fun and convenient as it can be done without leaving your couch!

print quality floorplans

High-Quality Printable Floorplan Brochures

Our website has downloadable print-quality floorplan brochures of all our floorplans so you can create a collection of your favorite floorplans. We have photo galleries of our floorplans so you can see how the homes look completed. There are also special collections of our favorite kitchens and bathroom photography as well as photos of our design studios that show many of the selections available there.



interactive design app

Interactive Design App

Play with our interactive design app to experiment with exterior color pallets, stone choices and structural options for all of our floor plans. We are in the process of upgrading our IDA to make it easier to use. The new IDA will be available  by July 2020.

Once you choose a color palette and the structural options you can save your choices, share it with friends and download as a PDF brochure.



3d interactive tours

3D interactive Tours

Navigating new homes through our 3D interactive tours gives you a real feel for what it would be like to walk through our homes except that it’s much easier. Instead of walking up a flight of stairs, you can move to another floor with the click of your mouse or a touch of your screen.

You can move around in any direction, explore all the rooms of the home, look up or down, and easily move to other levels in the home. We also have videos created from these tours for most of our available quick move-in homes.



More Information

If you have questions about any of our floorplans and the communities where they are available, please reach out to us at 910-672-7296 or fill out the form below or on any of our floorplan or community web pages.

Our beautiful high-quality online content makes it easy to find the perfect floorplan for your new home!

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