Filtered Fresh Air Intake System Advantages

A filtered fresh air intake system adds fresh air to a home heating and cooling system. This improves indoor air quality by diluting polluted or stale indoor air and also pressurizes the home to help keep pollutants out.

Most residential systems use the HVAC air handler fan to pull in clean outside air from a duct through the wall or attached to a foundation vent. The air is filtered just before it enters the air handler and mixed with the return air and then dispersed evenly throughout the building through the supply duct system.

Fresh air enters the duct before the air handler fan which reduces the volume of return air being pulled from inside the home. Since the supply air exceeds the return air, a positive pressure is maintained in the home when the HVAC system is in operation. Positive pressure reduces infiltration of outside air from undesirable locations and helps keep irritants and other pollutants from entering the home.

Filtered fresh air intake system benefits include:

  • Cleaner, fresher smelling home with less dust
  • Helps prevent chemicals, pesticides, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants from entering home
  • Reduces drafts from windows and doors as well as back-drafting
  • Adds air to the home to replace air exhausted by clothes dryer, bathroom exhaust fans and range hood vent.

A filtered fresh air intake system is sometimes referred to as passive ventilation as it doesn’t require electricity, it’s quiet and inexpensive to operate. Passive ventilation is also low-maintenance because it doesn’t have moving parts and the only maintenance needed is periodical cleaning of the filters.

Most newer homes are well insulated and almost airtight. While that is great for lowering heating and cooling costs, it can lead to poor indoor air quality and an unhealthy home environment.

McKee Homes includes a filtered fresh air intake system to all our new homes greatly improving the air quality and minimizing indoor pollutants making our homes environment healthier and more comfortable.

For more information on our new homes and filtered fresh air intake systems, please contact us by email or call us at 910-672-7296.

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6 thoughts on “Filtered Fresh Air Intake System Advantages

  1. I moved from home with toxic spray foam and brought little furniture only to taste salty toxic open cell carried here will a machine that takes air out and brings air in take spray foam taste out and how much to install in shelton ct

    • Lee, a fresh air intake system might help but it sounds like you need something more like an air scrubber. There are options out there but I haven’t tried them so can’t give any referrals. I would talk to some local HVAC companies and see what they recommend. Always research any suggestions they make so you know what you are getting. John

  2. Hi John. My HVAC contractor is about to finish installing 2 new central hvac system in my 2 story home. His original plan was to run the fresh air intake from the attic location of the air handler down a wall chase to connect to the downstairs fresh air duct and then terminating under the raised house.

    His installer closed up the chase when he installed the downstairs unit first so I was asked to install an intake vent on the roof. I did and the roofer charged me $275. It’s not unusual to be 100 plus degrees here with 100% humidity. Do you think the intake vent resting on the hot, wet asphalt shingles is going to stink up the house?

    The downstairs unit’s intake terminates under the pier raised house 24″ above grade which is simply damp soil. Should’t this intake terminate under the exterior sidewall where the air quality would probably be better?

    Neither air intake has a filter. Both intake dampers open up when the unit operates. There are no controls for either intake with both relying on the air handler to open and close the dampers.

    Should any of these items be on a punch list and addressed before final payment?

    Thanks for your help. Snyder

    • Snyder, I can’t really comment on your specific issue with your contractor but would recommend you to check out some HVAC forums to get info from HVAC experts. You could try or other forum. Hope that helps. JR

  3. I am looking for a filtered fresh air intake to use with a whole house fan.
    A thermometer that detects differences between inside and outside air would aid.

    In the summer (Fresno Area) early morning air can be much cooler than inside air.
    Pull in newly cooled fresh filtered air into the house and exhaust through a hotter attic.

    In the winter (Fresno Area) mid day air can be much warmer than inside air.
    Pull in newly warmed fresh filtered air and exhaust through a colder attic.

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