Blue Inspired Home Designs

There will never be a reason for week-day blues ever again with these blue inspired home designs …. 🤩

We have to admit: we love a blue accent. In color psychology, blue tones are known to evoke tranquility, clarity, purity and increased intuition, and have been proven to elevate health and well-being. You can infuse blue hues throughout your home in a variety of different ways from paint, décor and furniture to decorative pillows, linens, wall art and more. No matter the depth of the blue–dramatic deep navy or subtle pale robin’s egg — a blue-centered design will always create an immediate calming and welcoming feel for your home.

Today we’re sharing examples of our blue-inspired home designs, both interior and exterior details, to help you create the home vision that your little blue heart desires. 💙


From beach cottages and historical Victorian’s to refined, contemporary havens and lavish European pads, blue façades aren’t going out of style. Depending on the design and location of the home, exterior blues will vary widely, including but not limited to stormy, somber blue-gray, coastal turquoise, deep navy’s and brighter, vibrant tones.

We personally love coupling a deep, electric blue against neutral garage doors and stone porches to create the perfect balance between bold and subtle, contemporary and cozy, inviting and tranquil. We have a feeling these home fronts will stop your car right in its tracks.

Blue Exterior Homes

Blue Inspired Home Design

Home Exteriors

Blue Inspired Home Designs


Delicate blues in the bedroom, whether in the form of accents walls or decorative furniture, create a calming and comfortable space, ideal for sleeping. Subtle, soothing blue hues give the room a soft elegance that’s warm and comfy yet still pleasing to the eye.

Best Blue Rooms

Blue Inspired Home Designs

Blue Inspired Home Designs


When you enter our open concept floor plans, you’ll instantly feel at home. The blues we’ve woven throughout the walls, décor and furniture make the home look striking and refined but feel casual and cozy. Against the other creamy whites and natural accents, you’ll start to feel calm and relaxed, just like the ocean.

Blue Inspired Home Designs

Blue Wall Paint

Homes With Gas Fireplace



A splash of trendy blue triggers feelings of grandness, expansiveness and luxury in any kitchen. Whether cobalt or cyan, blues give just enough pop of distinction to cooking spaces that are typically overwhelmed with neutral-only tones. For blue to work, the key is balancing the color’s need to be “the statement” or center of attention while also complimenting other kitchen surfaces and accessories. Popular combinations include navy blue cabinets with light gray marble countertops or a Persian blue accent wall with white, subway tile backsplash.

If you’re not already convinced that a blue kitchen remodel is the answer, then we’ll let you in on a little secret. Believe it or not, scientists have proven that blue shades tend to suppress appetite.  Sounds like a win / win to us.

Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinets


As summer comes to a close and crisp fall evenings creep in, perfect outdoor temperatures make patio get-together’s a must. To ensure your family and friends can easily wind down after a long week, we suggest complimenting your outside oasis with blues that give off restful and relaxing vibes. Try soft, crisp and clean blues that mimic coastal living for chair cushions, rugs, lighting and table décor. The easy add-ons are simple and affordable for any homeowner to spruce up their entertaining area.

Blue Outdoor Patio Decor

Blue Exterior Home

We don’t know about you, but we’re already feeling more stress-free after drooling over these beautiful, blue-inspired homes.

Do you need assistance bringing your blue-focused design or any interior home look to life? Make an appointment with our highly-talented design consultants at one of our McKee Homes design studios. You can also try our Interactive Design App to experiment with different floor plans, exterior details, structural options and more, from the comfort of your own home!

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