Best Location for Wall Jack Outlets in Home

One of the great things about building a new home, whether it’s a custom or production home, is that you get to make personal decisions about aspects of your home that you wouldn’t get to make with a resale home unless you want to bring in the remodeling contractors.

Where you have the contractor install the utility jacks such as phone, cable, USB and Ethernet will depend on personal preference and how you intend to set up your home. McKee Homes adds USB charging ports to some of the power outlets in our homes, so you get to decide the best location for charging your mobile devices if you desire.

cable, phone, USB and ethernet jack location in home

The most important areas of the home to set these locations are the living room, family room, office, kitchen and bedrooms. The most important are the location of the cable jacks, so they will be close to where you want your DVR and TV. Phone jacks and internet connections such as Ethernet jacks aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be as most people use mobile phones and wireless internet devices in their homes these days. However if you are going to have an office in your house with a landline phone and a desktop computer, you should decide where you will put your desk and computer in order to get the cable and phone jacks in the correct locations. You want them close to where you need them so you don’t end up with cables running all over the place which can be an eyesore or even a hazard if they have to cross a doorway.

One way to determine the location of phone and cable jacks is to look at the floor plan of the home, or walk a similar floor plan in the case of production homes, to decide where you will put your furniture. It’s important to locate where you might want a television or want to charge mobile devices in your master bedroom in order to locate the cable jack and USB ports close by. Otherwise you will end up running a long cable to connect your TV or DVR to the cable jack.

Most builders will meet with their homebuyers during the build process around the time the framing is complete before the drywall is installed to determine the location for cable, phone and internet connections. This is your chance to get these jacks where you want them and get your home set up exactly the way you want it.

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3 thoughts on “Best Location for Wall Jack Outlets in Home

  1. This is some really good information about phone cables and where to put them. I liked that you pointed out that you try thinking about where you are going to put the furniture in your home. I know that I would want my phone cable to be easy to access. I wouldn’t want to move a ton of furniture to get to it.

  2. I think it would be smart to get an electrician to come and put in the telephone cabling in your home. They are going to know where to put the jacks and outlets because they work on these all the time. I would just trust them in whatever they want to have happen.

    • I recommend hiring a license electrician to do any remodeling, although it’s still a good idea to know where you will need the wall jacks, as an electrician isn’t going to know how you will use each room. This article was really intended for people who are having a new home built and will be able to make those choices during construction. McKee Homes does a walk-through with our buyers once the home is framed to set the location of specific utility wall jacks so the buyers can get them exactly where they want them.

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