2021 Home Design Trends

For those wanting to keep up with 2021 home design trends, McKee Homes has published a recent list of our most popular design studio selections and upgrades. If you’re planning on buying a new home, remodeling your current home or just revamping your interior décor, these popular choices made by homebuyers at our design studios, will give you a head start on current design trends for 2021.

White or Light Gray Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Homebuyers are choosing painted cabinets over stained cabinets to make their kitchens look modern and unique. Light and neutral colors such as white and gray are becoming the most popular choice with shaker-style cabinet doors.

light gray kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops

Light Quartz Countertops

Another top trend we are seeing this year, is light quartz countertops are being paired with the white and light gray Shaker-style cabinets mentions above. Quartz countertops continue to gain in popularity compared to granite. Like granite, quartz countertops are resistant to stains, moisture and bacteria but are lower maintenance because they are less porous and don’t need to be sealed. Quartz also comes in a wider variety of colors than granite and the colors are more uniform.

Backsplash Style Trends

Backsplash style trends

Marble backsplashes in a variety of shapes and colors are very popular now as are brighter colors in geometrics or herringbone patterns. Common 3”x6” Subway tiles have been popular for years, however larger Subway tiles such as 2”x12” and 4”x16” ceramic and glass tile backsplashes have been gaining ground in the last couple of years.  When combined with quartz countertops, the larger tiles give kitchens a clean look that’s also low maintenance.

Bathroom Color Trends

bathroom color trends

A popular bathroom trend for 2021 is neutral colors for countertops and flooring, but adding a pop of color by choosing gray, navy blue or green painted cabinets.

Laminate Flooring Colors

Laminate flooring colors

Softer and lighter tones for wood-look laminate flooring are becoming popular again and have dominated the market for the last year. The lighter tones provide homes with a warmer brighter atmosphere and work with a wide variety of décor options.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic Finishes

Mixing of metallic finishes throughout the home has always been popular with black finishes for cabinet hardware and light fixtures becoming a trend that is really catching on this year. The rich darkness of flat (matte) black cabinet hardware is fairly new and has a high impact on white or light cabinetry. Black light fixtures can be used in combination with black hardware but also look great on their own.


These 2021 home design trends from the McKee Homes Design Studios will give you some great ideas to consider for your current home or future new home. For more info, contact us at 910-692-7296 or visit our McKee Homes Design Studio webpage.

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