USB Charging Stations

USB charging stations are the latest smart home improvement giving you the convenience to charge multiple devices at once! Everyone knows this feeling, you are running around the house looking for the one charger you have left while your device is on 1 percent battery. That panicky feeling we have all experienced can be alleviated when you use the USB charging station in your home! It cuts down on the clutter, reduces your outlet needs to a single outlet, and is more energy efficient. With a charging station, you use one power outlet for one transformer which in turn provides power to four or more USB ports.

The USB charging station depending on the model you are using can hold up to 8 devices which can accommodate a family that utilizes phones, tablets, and even small appliances that require USB charging. Having a centralized location takes the work out of guessing where to charge your phone and misplacing your device in the home. Our built-in USB charging stations are located in the kitchens of our home the perfect gathering spot for families!

Port Amperage

Now that your device is attached to the charger you are likely wondering how long will it take. USB charging stations come with standard USB amperage outputs that are 1A, 2.1A, and 2.4A. All USB devices will charge on the lower amperage ports, but devices with large batteries–like newer tablets and smartphones–will take a long time to fully recharge on lower amperage ports. So for those devices, it’s better to have some higher amperage ports to charge them.

Public USB Charging Stations

Charging your devices at home is safer than using any public USB charging hub. Public charging hubs can put you at risk for hackers to steal information such as emails, credit card information, and text messages. It is best to never use these when you are out unless it is an emergency.

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