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McKee Homes offers some exciting new home automation options that give you integrated advanced control from almost anywhere through multiple online platforms. Do you want to control your home from your smart watch? We have you covered. You can also use your smart phone, tablet and other devices.

All of our new homes come with a wireless home security system which includes a wireless security keypad, door sensors and motion detector. We offer upgrades to that system as well as a full home automation system including a touch-screen wireless security panel, door sensors, cell device, and key fob. And for all you control enthusiasts out there, seamless integration connects all your mobile devices, giving you maximum control of your home from any device.

The best part of our home automation system is that it connects all your devices creating an intelligent system that works together, learns and adapts to meet your needs. The entire system can be controlled through one app, for total convenience wherever you go. Instead of sending single commands to your lights, thermostat and door locks, everything works together with customizable triggers. You get an added level of security and convenience with much less effort on your part.

home automation options

Not only can you remotely control the lighting in your home when you’re away the entire system can be programmed for your lifestyle. Window and door sensors can send you an alert whenever a window or door is opened or left open. Door locks and garage door can be remotely operated and controlled from your mobile devices and image sensors can capture images, send alerts and allow for peek-in viewing.

Contact McKee Homes at 910-692-7296 or go to our home security systems web page for more information about new home automation systems.

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