How To Navigate Home Builder Websites

Searching for a new home online can be confusing, especially if you don’t know how to navigate home builder websites. You may have landed on a home builder website from a simple online search or from a link on a real estate syndication site like Zillow. Either way, it’s good to know how to navigate home builder websites to quickly find the homes, floorplans and information you are looking for.

Historically low interest rates and limited inventory have resulted in record numbers of people searching for new homes online. New homes offer benefits compared to pre-owned homes such as being able to personalize your dream home, new systems and appliances and saving money from energy-efficient features.

How To Navigate Home Builder Websites

Most home builder websites use a similar navigation hierarchy:

  1. Choose State, Region or City
  2. Choose Community
  3. Choose between Quick Move-In Homes and To-Be-Built Floorplans

Of course, every home builder website is different, but most follow this simple navigation model. Many offer the ability to do a quick search using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or other criteria as you would on real estate syndication sites like, Zillow, Redfin, or

The first place to start on most home builder websites is to look for the Find A Home menu button or link. It may be labeled differently such as Find Your New Home, but you should see something similar in the main menu at the top of every page.

The next step is to choose the general location where you want to live, which is usually a city, but initially could be more general such as state or region for larger national home builder websites.

Our McKee Homes website home page has city/region buttons in the main banner image area that are easy to find and use. There is also a Find A Home menu with city/region links in the main menu area. Since we build in North Carolina only, there are no state options.


Click the city or region name where you are interested in living to see all communities and quick move-in homes in that area. The Communities tab opens by default. If you prefer to look at all the quick move-in homes in that area, click the Quick Move-In Homes tab at the top left, just above the list of communities.

new home communities


The Communities tab shows a list of communities available in each region with a map showing the location of each community. Click on the home markers to see the community names in the top left column of the map.

Click the community image or name in the far-left column to go to the community page. There you will find community info such as HOA, amenities, services, schools, utilities, photos, video and driving directions in the Overview tab which opens by default. Click the Get Directions button just above the map to get Google map directions from your current location to the community model home.

Explore other tabs in the community page such as Quick Move-In Homes, Build Your Home and Community Site Plan for property listings of available homes, to-be-built floorplans and a community sitemap respectively.

Quick Move-In Homes

From the Quick Move-In Homes tab on the region pages, click the home markers to see home info in that location. Clicking View Details on the listings in the left column or on the map popup will take you to the property listing page with detailed information about the home.

Use the Download Floor Plan button at the top left of the page to download a high-quality printable PDF file of the floorplans for that home.  Click the Neighborhood Info button further down the page to go the community page.

Quick Search With Filters

In addition, we offer a quick way to search our available inventory homes with search filters for area, community, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and even schools. To use this search feature, roll over the Find A Home menu and click Quick Move-In Homes.

quick move-in home search

Floor Plans

To view all floor plans we offer, roll over the Find A Home menu and select Floor Plans. The main floor plans page shows listings for all our floor plans with basic info such as square footage and beds/baths. Click into each floor plan listing to see the available elevations for each floor plan group.

The floor plan elevation pages have detailed info on each floor plan elevation, as well as renderings and floor plan layout. If you would like to download a high-quality printable PDF file, scroll down the page and click on the Download Floor Plan button.

Once you enter your name and email, you will have access to all our floorplans, 3D virtual tours and our interactive design app where you can play with options and colors for your new home.

Scrolling further down the floor plan elevation page, you will see all communities where that floor plan is available to be built as well as a photo gallery of one or more finished homes built with the floor plan elevation you are viewing.

You can also view all photo galleries including special kitchen and bath collections on our main photo gallery page.

Hopefully this article on how to navigate home builder websites will help you get the new home information you want quickly and easily.

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