Difference Between Quick Move-In and To-Be Built Homes

Most homebuilders offer quick move-in and to-be built homes. If you have been looking at new construction homes, you’ve probably heard these terms but may not know what the differences are or which route to go once you decide to buy a new home.

Quick Move-In Homes (Showcase Homes)

Many builders use the term “quick move-in” homes to refer to homes that are already built or partially built. Some builders refer to them as Speculative (Spec) homes or Inventory homes while McKee Homes refers to our quick move-in homes as Showcase homes.

One of the main advantages of our Showcase homes is that they are either completely built or already started and can therefore be closed and moved into in a much shorter timeframe than to-be built homes.

Our Showcase homes are professionally designed by our Design Team with the most popular design trends and features. That means you don’t have to worry about choosing options and selections and can focus on closing and moving in. This is especially important for buyers that have more immediate needs to move within a certain timeframe.

Another advantage of Showcase, or quick move-in homes, is you get to walk the home before you buy. You can explore the floorplan layout and easily visualize living in the home and how you would use each room.

To-Be Built Homes (Presale Homes)

Whether a builder calls them to-be built or presale homes, the advantage is you get to personalize the home to make it you own before the home is built. Most builders reserve lots specifically for Presale homes with a selection of floorplans and options in each community where they build.

With presale, or to-be built homes, you can select the homesite, floorplan, structural options, features, finishes, exterior color scheme and interior paint colors you desire for your new home. There can be exceptions where a builder, such as McKee Homes, will not allow the same floorplan or exterior color scheme to be used next to each other in order to ensure the overall aesthetic balance in the community.

Personalizing Your Home

If you want to be able to personalize your home, but are concerned that it might be overwhelming, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable New Home Sales Consultants will help you choose the perfect homesite, floorplan and exterior color scheme for your new home before contract. They can even help you get prequalified for a home mortgage loan!

One of our Design Studio Consultants will reach out to schedule an appointment at our nearest Design Studio. They bring expertise in design to help you create a home that captures your personal style and will assist you in bringing your new home vision to life. At our design studio, you have the opportunity to see, touch and feel all our design choices.

If you are curious about the Design Studio experience and want to find out more before you purchase a presale home, you are welcome to attend our Design Studio preview Night, where you can take a self-guided tour of our studio. This is an opportunity to gather ideas by seeing all we have to offer. This is a great time to take notes and pictures so you can be prepared for your personal design appointment.

Should you choose a quick move-in or to-be built home?

The biggest consideration is time. If you need to move within a few months, you should choose a Showcase, or quick move-in home. Or if you don’t want to make all the option and finish decisions about your new home and prefer to buy a home that you can walk before you buy, a Showcase home is your best choice.

If you have the time to go through the build process and are looking forward to making selections for your new home, you would be better off choosing a presale, or to-be built home. You will receive guidance from our team of experts in sales, design, and construction to help you all the way from choosing a community, homesite and floorplan, to selections, closing and beyond.

Is there a third option?

If you are caught in the middle and would like to choose some of the options and finishes for your home but don’t have time to go through the full homesite selection and build process, there is one other option that might be a good fit for you.

McKee Homes lists our Showcase homes as soon as we begin construction allowing you to find them on our website and real estate sites such as Zillow or, or through your Realtor®. You may not be able to choose structural options, depending on far along the home is in the construction process, but you may have the opportunity to make interior finish and color selections.

This is a good compromise as it will give you some of the advantages of both quick move-in and to-be built homes. The home will be much closer to completion by the time you sign a contract to purchase the home, but you will still get to make many of the selections for your new home.

More Information

Please visit Our Process web page for more information about McKee Homes’ sales, design and construction processes.

For more information about quick move-in and to-be built homes, or as we call them Showcase and Presale homes, please give us a call at 910-672-7296 or fill out the form below.


New Interactive Design App

One of the most popular features of the McKee Homes website is our Interactive Design App. This app helps home shoppers design their new home by choosing structural options and exterior colors for siding, shakes, roofing, doors, ext. trim and more.

Interactive Design App Version 2

We have just unveiled the new Interactive Design App 2.0 which is now available through our website floorplan and community pages. The new app features larger images and easier navigation. It’s fun and easy to use! We encourage anyone interested in buying a new home to play around with this app. You can choose your favorite floorplans, select options and exterior colors and save your choices as a PDF brochure right from the app.

The IDA home page includes a map showing the location of all communities listed. For more information about each community, click the Info button at the bottom of the community thumbnail image in the listing.

IDA Our Plans selectionFor maximum options and elevations, the Our Plans community is a great place to start. From the IDA Home page, scroll down through the community listings and click the Select Plan button in the Our Plans listing.

Select a floorplan elevation to start designing your new home! All available elevations for your chosen floorplan are shown at the top of the app content area.

  1. Choose structural options for each floor
  2. Choose exterior color options which display on the exterior rendering
  3. Select Create My Brochure button to generate a PDF brochure.
  4. Print, save and share options available at top of page under community name

interactive design app options

Can’t wait to try out the new Interactive Design App? Follow one of the easy steps below to get started from our website community or floorplan pages.

 Three Ways To Get Started

  1. From Community Page
    • Start on any community page on our website and select the Build Your Home tab
    • Choose a floorplan and click the View Interactive Floor Plan button from the floorplan page
    • Enter your name and email in the signup form and click Design Your New Home
      If you have already signed up to view or download any of our content, you will only see the Design Your New Home button. No need to sign up more than once.
    • You will automatically be taken to the community and floorplan you chose in the IDA
  1. From Floorplan Page
    • Choose a floorplan from the main floorplan page
    • Choose one of the floorplan elevations and click the View Interactive Floor Plan button from the floorplan page
    • Enter your name and email in the signup form and click Design Your New Home
      If you have already signed up to view or download any of our content, you will only see the Design Your New Home button. No need to sign up more than once.
    • You will automatically be taken to the floorplan you chose in the Our Plans community section of the IDA. This section has all our floorplans with both Heritage and Autograph collection color schemes.
  1. From Signup Page
    • Enter your name and email in the signup form and click Design Your New Home
      If you have already signed up to view or download any of our content, you will only see the Design Your New Home button. No need to sign up more than once.
    • You will automatically be taken to the home page of the IDA. Click the Select Plan button on any community listing to get started. To see more information about a community, click the Info button at the bottom right of the community thumbnail image. The Our Plans community has all our floorplans with both Heritage and Autograph collection color schemes.

More Information

For more information about the app, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at 910-672-7296.


How To Navigate Home Builder Websites

Searching for a new home online can be confusing, especially if you don’t know how to navigate home builder websites. You may have landed on a home builder website from a simple online search or from a link on a real estate syndication site like Zillow. Either way, it’s good to know how to navigate home builder websites to quickly find the homes, floorplans and information you are looking for.

Historically low interest rates and limited inventory have resulted in record numbers of people searching for new homes online. New homes offer benefits compared to pre-owned homes such as being able to personalize your dream home, new systems and appliances and saving money from energy-efficient features.

How To Navigate Home Builder Websites

Most home builder websites use a similar navigation hierarchy:

  1. Choose State, Region or City
  2. Choose Community
  3. Choose between Quick Move-In Homes and To-Be-Built Floorplans

Of course, every home builder website is different, but most follow this simple navigation model. Many offer the ability to do a quick search using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or other criteria as you would on real estate syndication sites like, Zillow, Redfin, or

The first place to start on most home builder websites is to look for the Find A Home menu button or link. It may be labeled differently such as Find Your New Home, but you should see something similar in the main menu at the top of every page.

The next step is to choose the general location where you want to live, which is usually a city, but initially could be more general such as state or region for larger national home builder websites.

fina a home menu

Our McKee Homes website home page has city/region buttons in the main banner image area that are easy to find and use. There is also a Find A Home menu with city/region links in the main menu area. Since we build in North Carolina only, there are no state options.


Click the city or region name where you are interested in living to see all communities and quick move-in homes in that area. The Communities tab opens by default. If you prefer to look at all the quick move-in homes in that area, click the Quick Move-In Homes tab at the top left, just above the list of communities.

new home communities


The Communities tab shows a list of communities available in each region with a map showing the location of each community. Click on the home markers to see the community names in the top left column of the map.

Click the community image or name in the far-left column to go to the community page. There you will find community info such as HOA, amenities, services, schools, utilities, photos, video and driving directions in the Overview tab which opens by default. Click the Get Directions button just above the map to get Google map directions from your current location to the community model home.

Explore other tabs in the community page such as Quick Move-In Homes, Build Your Home and Community Site Plan for property listings of available homes, to-be-built floorplans and a community sitemap respectively.

Quick Move-In Homes

From the Quick Move-In Homes tab on the region pages, click the home markers to see home info in that location. Clicking View Details on the listings in the left column or on the map popup will take you to the property listing page with detailed information about the home.

Use the Download Floor Plan button at the top left of the page to download a high-quality printable PDF file of the floorplans for that home.  Click the Neighborhood Info button further down the page to go the community page.

Quick Search With Filters

In addition, we offer a quick way to search our available inventory homes with search filters for area, community, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and even schools. To use this search feature, roll over the Find A Home menu and click Quick Move-In Homes.

quick move-in home search

Floor Plans

To view all floor plans we offer, roll over the Find A Home menu and select Floor Plans. The main floor plans page shows listings for all our floor plans with basic info such as square footage and beds/baths. Click into each floor plan listing to see the available elevations for each floor plan group.

The floor plan elevation pages have detailed info on each floor plan elevation, as well as renderings and floor plan layout. If you would like to download a high-quality printable PDF file, scroll down the page and click on the Download Floor Plan button.

Once you enter your name and email, you will have access to all our floorplans, 3D virtual tours and our interactive design app where you can play with options and colors for your new home.

Scrolling further down the floor plan elevation page, you will see all communities where that floor plan is available to be built as well as a photo gallery of one or more finished homes built with the floor plan elevation you are viewing.

You can also view all photo galleries including special kitchen and bath collections on our main photo gallery page.

Hopefully this article on how to navigate home builder websites will help you get the new home information you want quickly and easily.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment to view our homes and floorplans, please contact us using the signup forms on our property listing and floorplan pages or give us a call at 910-672-7296. We offer one-on-one, in-person appointments as well as live video appointments to suit your needs.

Additional Information

For special accessibility needs, click the round purple accessibility icon at the top right of every page for options such as larger text, high contrast, keyboard navigation, tooltips or to enable the screen reader.

For more information about McKee Homes, view the About Us menu, fill out the contact form below or give us a call at 910-672-7296.


Find the Perfect Floorplan for Your New Home

McKee Homes makes it easy to find the perfect floorplan for your new home with easy-to-use online content. Browse through our floorplans, photo galleries, interactive design app and 3D interactive tours

  • View and download high-quality printable floorplan brochures.
  • Get creative with our interactive design app where you can play with colors and structural options for any of our floorplans.
  • Take an online tour of our homes on your computer or mobile device with 3D interactive video tours.

If you’re like most of us, you have been spending a lot more time at home lately. You may be realizing working from home requires a dedicated office instead of temporarily clearing off the dining room table. The lack of ample storage may have become a constant irritation and problems with older systems such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical may require maintenance and repair at the most inconvenient time.

With interest rates still historically low, you may be spending some time online looking at new homes and planning for the future to brighten your day. There are fewer than normal pre-owned homes on the market these days, so many home shoppers are looking at new construction.

An advantage of new construction is the ability to choose structural options such as sunroom, third-bay garage or guest suite. You also get to choose plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor coverings, paint colors and a host of other selections to truly personalize your new home.

Once you’ve decided to explore the new home market, you begin the exciting adventure of discovering the perfect floorplan for your new home. Having access to a variety of easy-to-navigate online content makes the process easy, fun and convenient as it can be done without leaving your couch!

print quality floorplans

High-Quality Printable Floorplan Brochures

Our website has downloadable print-quality floorplan brochures of all our floorplans so you can create a collection of your favorite floorplans. We have photo galleries of our floorplans so you can see how the homes look completed. There are also special collections of our favorite kitchens and bathroom photography as well as photos of our design studios that show many of the selections available there.

interactive design app

Interactive Design App

Play with our interactive design app to experiment with exterior color pallets, stone choices and structural options for all of our floor plans. We are in the process of upgrading our IDA to make it easier to use. The new IDA will be available  by July 2020.

Once you choose a color palette and the structural options you can save your choices, share it with friends and download as a PDF brochure.

3d interactive tours

3D interactive Tours

Navigating new homes through our 3D interactive tours gives you a real feel for what it would be like to walk through our homes except that it’s much easier. Instead of walking up a flight of stairs, you can move to another floor with the click of your mouse or a touch of your screen.

You can move around in any direction, explore all the rooms of the home, look up or down, and easily move to other levels in the home. We also have videos created from these tours for most of our available quick move-in homes.

More Information

If you have questions about any of our floorplans and the communities where they are available, please reach out to us at 910-672-7296 or fill out the form below or on any of our floorplan or community web pages.

Our beautiful high-quality online content makes it easy to find the perfect floorplan for your new home!


HECM for Purchase Seminar

A Little-Known Program to Buy Your Next Home With No Monthly Mortgage Payments!*

McKee Homes has been offering a live HECM for Purchase Program Seminar each month at our Evergreen at Flowers Plantation community model home. This seminar will be continued as an online webinar starting April 7, 2020 at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Saturday.

Register by calling (910) 672-7296 or emailing

About the H4P Seminar

Guest Speaker: Ron Heath, Home Equity Retirement & HECM for Purchase Specialist at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage.

What You’ll Learn

  • What the HECM for Purchase (H4P) Program is
  • How to Qualify for the H4P Program
  • What Types of Property can be purchased using the H4P Program
  • How to significantly increase your home purchasing power
  • Why paying cash for your next home may jeopardize your retirement plan
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of the HECM for Purchase Program

  • You can purchase a $350,000 home for around $220,000 and never have a monthly mortgage payment, if you or your spouse are 62 years old!
  • A significant portion of your nest-egg is preserved by not having to go all in with a cash purchase. Your monthly cash flow is essentially freed up by not having a monthly mortgage payment.
  • If you use the H4P Program to purchase a home and decide to move in 10 years. When you sell your home, you’ll receive 100% of the net proceeds after paying off the loan balance at the time of sale, which is exactly how a traditional mortgage works.
  • You can live in your home until the last borrower vacates as long as loan terms are met. The borrower/s must occupy the home as their primary residence and remain current on property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, the costs of home maintenance, and any HOA fees.

More Information

For more information, and to download the HECM for Purchase Home Buyers Guide, please visit our McKee Homes HECM for Purchase Program article.

*Borrower must occupy home as primary residence and remain current on property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, the costs of home maintenance, and any HOA fees.


New Home Live Video Appointments

McKee Homes has offered live video appointments of our active property listings using popular video sharing apps for many years. The company was founded in Fayetteville, NC next to Fort Bragg, so many of our homebuyers in that area were in the military, and sometimes deployed overseas. Live video appointments allow homebuyers who can’t view a home in person, to see the home and talk to our sales consultant at the same time.


In order to accommodate anyone who would prefer to tour our homes remotely, our sales consultants are well-trained in walking homebuyers through our homes using an iPad with Facetime, or other video sharing app, while pointing out the beautiful features and options of the home as well as answering any questions the homebuyer may have. We also offer one-on-one in-person appointments.

Live Video Appointments

It’s as easy as 1 2 3 to make a live video appointment to see our homes!property listing signup form example

  1. Fill in your contact info
  2. Check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox
  3. Click Submit!
  • Choose Your Location
    • Select the area you want to live
    • Choose a community
    • Select the Quick Move-In Homes tab
    • Select a home to view
    • Submit the Request Info form
  • View All Available Homes
    • Use the filters to narrow your search
    • Select a home to view
    • Submit the Request Info form

Just fill in the Request Info form on any property listing page on our website. One of our friendly online sales consultants will contact you right away to make an appointment for you to see the home virtually with live video, or schedule an in-person appointment if you prefer.

If you prefer to text or call to make a live video appointment to see the home of your dreams, contact us at 910-672-7491.

3D Interactive Video Tours

View our floorplans with interactive videos form the comfort of your home.

Navigation is easy! Just click your mouse in the video wherever you want to go and virtually walk through the home. Don’t feel like walking up the stairs? Use the navigation menu to quickly jump to another floor!

View 3D Interactive Video Tours

Have fun and look at every room and detail of our floorplans. If you have any questions or want to make an in-person or live video appointment with one of our sales consultants, just click the link under the floorplan description to contact a friendly online sales consultant who can set up an appointment for you.

If you prefer to text or call to make a live video appointment to view your favorite floorplan, contact us at 910-672-7491.

3D intertactive video tours


McKee Homes Opens New Wilmington Area Communities

McKee Homes has just opened two new Wilmington area communities featuring our customized Epcon floorplans. Bellaport in Wilmington, NC and Courtyards at Mallory Retreat in Leland both offer our customized version of the popular Epcon floorplans. These floorplans are specially designed with high-end features and options, wide interior doorways, minimal steps between interior and exterior spaces and large, private outdoor patios designed for entertaining or just relaxing outside.

New Wilmington Area Communities


131 Bellaport Ln, Wilmington, NC 28412
From the low $300’s | 1303-3092 sq. ft.

Bellaport is a new single-family home community just minutes away from Carolina Beach, NC. It is convenient to shopping, restaurants, and the beach! Historic Wilmington is also a quick trip to visit. Enjoy the quiet surroundings of the Cape Fear River and Snows Cut Park on River Road as you watch boats sail by.

Courtyards at Mallory Retreat

Salter Path at Mallory Creek Dr, Leland, NC 28479
From the low $300’s | 1681-3092 sq. ft.

The Courtyards at Mallory Retreat is a new phase of the established Mallory Creek Plantation community in Brunswick County near Leland, NC. This community features a natural setting with wooded areas and ponds and is only 15 minutes from Wilmington with its historic downtown and access to some of the best beaches the area has to offer.

bellaport and courtyards at mallory retreat location map

Historic Downtown Wilmington

With a 230-block National Register Historic District, one of the largest in the U.S., Wilmington offers a wide variety of architectural styles and its historic downtown area has a one-mile-long Riverwalk, developed as a tourist attraction, which is home to many boutiques, eclectic shops and vibrant nightlife venues.

Enjoy fresh local seafood and regional specialties at over 40 locally owned restaurants and pubs in downtown Wilmington’s historic river district, many featuring live music.

wilmington nc waterfront

Customized Epcon Floorplans

Our customized Epcon floorplans are beautiful cottage-style homes that include attached oversized 2-car garage with plenty of storage space, gas-log fireplace and energy efficient construction, including low-e windows. The large open kitchens include island, stainless steel appliances and granite kitchen counter tops.

the palazzo the portico the promenade the salerno the torino ii the verona

High-end features include laminate and tile flooring, decorator-selected finishes, custom lighting, ceiling fans, and large walk-in closets. The private courtyards are accessible from the owner’s suite and living room and offers beautiful views from the dining room windows.

he Bungalow elevations include a second-floor bonus suite with full bath and optional wet bar or kitchenette.

Options include a sitting room off the master bedroom and large L-shaped shower in the master bath.

mckee homes customized epcond floorplans

More Information

For more information about our new Wilmington area communities and floorplans, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at 910-672-7296.


New Construction Home With Sunroom

Buying a new construction home with sunroom, or adding a sunroom to your existing home, is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more livable and versatile.

Benefits of a Sunroom

Simply put, a sunroom is the most versatile room in your home.

  • Adds multi-use square footage to your home
  • Great for enjoying outdoor views within a protected temperature-controlled environment
  • Cozy space for gatherings with friends and family
  • Perfect space for home office
  • Reading, Music and TV / Movie room
  • Children’s play area
  • Exercise and workout room
  • Adds curb appeal and resale value to your home
  • Can ease symptoms of Winter SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Light Therapy

In a WebMD article by Kathleen Doheny titled Fending Off Depression Symptoms in Winter, Norman Rosenthal, MD, the leader of the research team that first identified SAD in 1984 and author of Winter Blues suggests light therapy might be as simple as getting up early and walking outside on a bright winter morning. “You can also increase light in your home,” he says “Make one room a sun room.”

Existing Homes

There are a variety of sunrooms, sometimes called four season rooms, available to homeowners who want to add a room to their current home. Options include sunroom companies that provide the materials and labor as well as general contractors who can build a custom sunroom that matches your home.

New Construction Homes

For those in the market for a new home, the most cost-effective solution is a new construction home with sunroom. The cost to add a sunroom option to a new home is generally less expensive than adding a sunroom to an existing home.

Most home builders have floorplans that include structural options such as sunrooms or four season rooms. Adding structural options before a home is built allows homebuyers to include finish colors, floor coverings and fixtures that match the rest of the home. There are material and labor cost savings in having all the work done at the same time as well as not having to get a separate building permit to add the sunroom later.

Brooks floorplan with optional sunroom by McKee Homes

The Brooks floorplan with optional sunroom by McKee Homes

McKee Homes Floorplans with Sunroom Option

McKee Homes offers six floorplans with sunroom options as well as additional floorplans with sitting room options off the master bedroom.

Beaufort | 4 bed / 3.5 bath | 2,965 base sq. ft. | Sunroom adds approx. 300 sq. ft.

Biltmore II | 3 bed / 2.5 bath | 2,437 base sq. ft. | Sunroom adds approx. 192 sq. ft.

Brooks | 4 bed / 3 bath | 2,948 base sq. ft. | Sunroom adds approx. 209 sq. ft.

Clark | 4 bed / 3.5 bath | 3,356 base sq. ft. | Sunroom adds approx. 185 sq. ft.

Palazzo | 2 bed / 2 bath | 1,716 base sq. ft. | 132 sq. ft. four seasons room included

Winston | 4 bed / 2.5 bath | 2,225 base sq. ft. | Sunroom adds approx. 122 sq. ft.

More Information

For more information about buying a new construction home with sunroom, McKee Homes floorplans with sunroom options, four seasons rooms or sitting room options, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 910-672-7296.


Bungalow Cottages with Second Floor Guest Suite

The Bungalow elevation of our popular Epcon floorplans are designed for those who want all the advantages of single-story living with the added benefit of a second floor guest suite.

Second Floor Guest Suite

While designing our own customized versions of six of the classic Epcon Cottage floorplans, we decided to create two elevations that offer more flexibility to our homebuyers. In addition to the single-story Craftsman elevation, we also developed the Bungalow elevation which includes a second story guest suite with full bath and optional kitchenette.

The Bungalow second floor guest suite can add from 444 sq. ft. to 821 sq. ft. to the overall living space of the home depending on the floorplan. The guest suites with full bath and optional kitchenette are perfect for short-term or long-term house guests. They can also serve as an exercise area, office, movie room with extra storage or whatever you may need to personalize your home and get the most out of it for your lifestyle.

Bungalow Guest Suite with living area, full bath and kitchenette

Epcon Floorplans

Epcon floorplans are designed to fill the luxury, low-maintenance, ranch-style home niche for consumers looking to downsize from their existing home. The homes are specially designed with high-end features and options and built with wide doorways inside the house and easy access with no stairs between the inside and outside areas. With an Epcon home, homebuyers know they can live in the home into retirement without having to make any modifications to home.

The six Epcon floorplans we offer with Bungalow elevations are the Palazzo, Portico, Promenade, Salerno, Torino II and Verona. Ranging from 2,160 sq. ft. to 3,092 sq. ft., these luxury ranch-style homes have open-concept living spaces with private outdoor patios made for entertaining. The contemporary kitchens include granite counters, stainless steel appliances and large islands that can double as an eating bar. The beautifully appointed master bedroom and bath include double-sink vanities, tiled showers and garden tubs. The roomy walk-in closets are big enough for everyone’s wardrobe.

Available Communities

Our Bungalow cottages with second floor guest suite are currently available in six eastern North Carolina communities from southeast of Raleigh to the coast at Wilmington. Many of our Epcon neighborhoods are golf communities with country club amenities.

More Information

For more information about our Epcon floorplans, including the Bungalow elevation with second floor guest suite and where we build them, please give us a call at 910-672-7296 or submit the contact form below. One of our friendly, knowledgeable online sales consultants will be happy to answer all your questions and arrange an appointment for you to walk your favorite floorplans.


Fairfield North Model Home Now Open

The new model home in Fairfield North is now open and homesites are going quickly.

Fairfield North is in the Pine Forest School District, nestled just behind the beautiful and well-established Fairfield Farms community on North Ramsey Street in Fayetteville, NC. It is just minutes to the I-295 connector and 15 minutes to Fort Bragg and downtown Fayetteville. Come check out this conveniently located and family-friendly neighborhood in North Fayetteville.

fairfield north model home

The Fairfield North model home is our Brooks Craftsman floorplan. The main floor boasts a formal dining room with ample space.  The living room is spacious and opens to the expansive kitchen that has an adjacent breakfast area.

Moving on into the home you will find a charming guest suite and full bathroom on the main level.  The master suite is beautifully appointed with a large walk in closet and private master bath with a dual sink, garden tub and a separate shower.  This lovely home also features two additional bedrooms upstairs along with a remarkable bonus room that can be upgraded to a fifth bedroom.

Other options include a sunroom off the family room and breakfast area that adds over 200 sq. ft. of living space, a deluxe kitchen, and finished third floor which adds approximately 549 sq. ft. of living space to the home.

While every room of this Brooks Craftsman floorplan is appointed with eye-catching detail, the features that garner the most attention are the open kitchen with farmhouse sink, the huge tiled and glass master bath shower and the mud bench drop zone just inside the garage entry door.

brooks craftsman floorplan kitchen

brooks craftsman floorplan shower

brooks craftsman floorplan drop zone

The Fairfield North grand opening is slated for sometime in the first quarter of 2020 once additional Showcase homes have been finished. However, the model is now open, and many presales have already been contracted and started, or scheduled for start.

For more information about Fairfield North and available floorplans, Showcase homes and homesites, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at 910-672-7296.