McKee Homes Installs Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

Does your new home feature Apple HomeKit compatible devices?

Apple’s HomeKit app is a great way to control all your home’s smart devices and accessories from one app. You can even ask Siri to perform commands such as turn off your lights or lock the front door. With the HomeKit app you can connect smart devices together to make your lights automatically to turn off while simultaneously making your window blinds close at a specific time each day. Before HomeKit and the Home app, you had to manually control each device with its own separate app, and set each one to do a specific task at a certain time.

Apple launched its HomeKit app with iOS 10 and watchOS 3 in 2016. It serves as a centralized hub for managing Apple HomeKit-enabled smart accessories. The app features integration with Control Center, 3D Touch quick actions, and support for Siri. The app’s settings are also synced through Apple’s iCloud storage service, so any iCloud-enabled Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad can be used to control your Home.

Every HomeKit-enabled smart accessory automatically works with Siri once you set it up through its HomeKit-enabled app. Siri is the unified interface that allows you to use voice commands to control the smart devices and accessories. You will still need to set up each device or accessory in its own app to gain full access to settings, touch controls, and more, but once set up, you can control them from the HomeKit app with Siri.

To use the Home app, you need at least one iOS device with the Home app installed. You also need at least one home, one room, and one HomeKit-enabled smart accessory. The Home app comes pre-installed on any Apple device running iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone or iPad.

HomeKit also offers security for your smart home and can enforce end-to-end encryption between all smart accessories and your Apple devices. So hackers can’t steal your data, work their way into your communications, or take control of your home.

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McKee Homes installs Apple HomeKit compatible devices in all our new homes as part of our SMART Move campaign. We are currently installing the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and Liftmaster belt drive WiFi garage door openers. For a complete list of available devices and accessories, please contact us at 910-672-7296.

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