How To Navigate Online Home Buying

Have you ever bought anything online: clothes, books, furniture, etc.? For the majority of you, the answer is a resounding, YES! People are buying everything online these days from mascara to motorbikes to new homes.

Think back to your last online purchase. What kind of customer service did you receive? Chances are it wasn’t the best. When buying something online, must we sacrifice strong customer service for convenience? Is it possible to have both the ease of making purchases online and exceptional customer service? Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible!

When shopping for a new home, 93% of buyers start online. They may spend up to six months, sometimes more, looking for a new home before they reach out to a real estate agent or sales person. They compare houses, neighborhoods and features. During this process the new home buyer may have questions, but for a variety of reasons, may be reluctant to ask.

mckee homes online home buying

At McKee Homes, we have a customer friendly process that caters to online shoppers and the online home buying experience. Our website is clearly laid out and has a strong visual appeal allowing visitors to view floor plans, neighborhoods and available homes from the comfort of their own home. We also have an interactive design app that allows visitors to choose the colors of siding, roofing, doors and stone samples on the front elevation of most of our floor plans as well as choose the floor plan options they would like. They can save their work as a brochure, download it and share it with friends.  In addition, we have New Home Specialists available to answer any questions a buyer might have.

A buyer can interact with our New Home Specialists as little or as much as they would like. While on the McKee Homes Website, a small pop up window will appear, asking if a buyer needs any help or has any questions. The buyer has several options at this point:

  1. Click on the X in the corner of the window to close it out.
  2. Type a question in the window (live chat).
  3. Email us.
  4. Call us.

There is also a floating button on the right side of our web pages labeled “Have A Question? “which has links to live chat, email and phone. Having multiple ways to communicate with us, allows the buyer to choose the method they are most comfortable with.

how to navigate online home buying

Once a buyer reaches out to our New Home Specialists, they provide guidance and answer specific questions, which helps the buyer narrow their search to find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. Once they have narrowed the search, the New Home Specialists can set up a VIP appointment with our Onsite Specialist. The buyer then visits the neighborhood to determine if the house is in fact a “best fit.” Our New Home Specialists collaborate with the Onsite Specialists to ensure that our buyer has the best customer experience possible. At this point in the process, the homebuyer’s main contact usually switches over to the Onsite Specialist, however our New Home Specialist is always available to support the customer and the Onsite New Home Specialist.

McKee Homes has an online experience that is both informative and customer service focused. Choosing a McKee Home and working with a New Home Specialist puts the buyer in the driver’s seat.