Planning for Your Move-Part 4 (Moving Day)

Moving 101 Planning For Your Move, Part 4 by Bob and Sue Russo Moving day is finally here. You’ve gathered boxes, made lists, sorted items and packed a bag. But did you remember what to put in the bag? From the video you can tell that Bob thought barbecue-stained beer shirts with holes in them […]

4 Tips for Moving with Kids

By Miriam Bornstein of Zillow Preparing for a move can be a daunting task. Whether you’ve outgrown your space, changed jobs or are moving across the country, there’s no way around the chaos that comes with moving. Although there are lots of arrangements that have to be made to move into your dream home, communicating […]

Planning For Your Move Part 3 (Packing and Sorting)

Moving 101 Planning For Your Move, Part 3 by Bob and Sue Russo Packing and sorting are important aspects of planning for your move. This article will help you prioritize items so you know what to keep with you, what to pack, and what items you might want to consider getting rid of. Maybe you […]

As a Buyer, How do I Pay my Real Estate Agent?

When most people begin their home search, they typically enlist the assistance of a real estate agent. With everything an agent does for the buyer, many buyers ask how do I pay my agent? Typically, the seller pays agent’s commission as it comes out of the sales prices of the home. A real estate agent […]

What causes drywall cracks, nail pops and screw pops?

Inevitably, at some point in time all homes develop cracks in the drywall, nail and screw pops as well as caulk separation. So what causes drywall screw pops, cracks, and nail pops and will it ever stop? The two main reasons these happen are due to temperature fluctuation and structural settling. As the seasons change […]

Planning for Your Move Part 2 (Lists)

Moving 101 Planning For Your Move, Part 2 by Bob and Sue Russo We have found that creating lists is a vital part of the moving process. List are helpful for a variety of reasons. Creating a detailed list of everything that you need to do will help reduce the stress of the move. If […]


Top 3 Reasons You May Have Standing Water in Your Yard

If you have purchased a new home, or recently added fencing or landscaping to your home, and are noticing standing water in your yard, you may have one of the following three problems. The top 3 reasons you may have standing water in your yard are: A heavy rain event occurred within the past 48 […]

Planning for Your Move Part 1 (Pack A Bag)

Moving 101 Planning For Your Move, Part 1 by Bob and Sue Russo Moving can be a stressful experience. We have made many local as well as cross country moves over the years. We’d like to share some things that we have learned that may help reduce this stress. One of the first things you […]

Difference between builder grade and retail products

The term ‘builder grade’ often has negative connotations and is sometimes thought of as synonymous with low-grade products and materials. However the difference between builder grade and retail products bought at home improvement stores is often negligible. It would be more accurate to say that builder grade is the medium grade product that production builders […]

How to Maintain Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the top siding option in the United States for remodeling and new construction. Its popularity is primarily due to its upscale appearance, outstanding durability, easy upkeep and exceptional value. Vinyl siding is not maintenance-free, but is definitely reduced maintenance. Here are a few tips to help keep your vinyl siding looking food […]