How Long Does It Take To Build A House?

By John Rives This is part two of our series of articles comparing custom homes vs. personalized production homes. This article will focus on the amount time it takes to build custom homes vs. personalized production homes. The time needed to build a house is an important aspect of a home buying decision especially if […]

Cost of Custom Homes Vs Personalized Production Homes

By John Rives If you are considering the purchase of a new home, you may be trying to decide whether to buy a custom home or a personalized production home. There are very distinct differences between a custom home and a production home; therefore, you should spend some time learning the specific details of each […]

Second Floor Laundry Room

By Charmaine Simmons House floor plans have changed significantly over the years.  Everyone has an opinion on where things are best suited.  So one of the questions we get asked is “why is the laundry room on the second floor?” McKee Homes developed all of its floor plans with living in mind.  We thought about […]

How To Easily Clean A Smelly Garbage Disposal

By Julie Russo Have you ever walked into the kitchen and asked yourself, “What’s that smell?” Your first instinct probably tells you to take the garbage out, but what if you do that and your kitchen still stinks. The culprit may be the garbage disposal. There are several different ways to clean a stinky sink. Keeping your garbage disposal […]

10 New Home Selections Tips for Homebuyers

By Amy Kahler and John Rives Buying a new home is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming event in anyone’s life, especially if you buy the home before it is built and get to choose options and make selections. One of the most personal aspects of buying a new home from a builder is getting to choose […]

Top 5 reasons to buy an energy efficient new home

By John Rives While older homes sometimes have a quaint nostalgic feeling about them, they just can’t compare to the low maintenance, money-saving features and technology conveniences of an energy efficient new home. 1. Save money every month on utility and water bills New homes are built to the latest building codes, which means they […]

How To Maintain Your Home

By Charmaine Simmons When buying a new home it’s easy to get caught up in the financial obligations, but it’s important to remember the time and energy required to maintain your home. Just like changing the oil in your car or going to the dentist for cleanings, your home needs to be taken care of to […]